Sunday, October 17, 2004


I hate whining about media bias, but sometimes it's so fun! Check out this CNN story. Note the following:
The headline reads: "Poll: Presidnetial Race Remains Tight."
Amusing enough, but wait for the details: The story's first sentence starts with an attempt to buck up Kerry supporters, by noting that "Americans think John Kerry did the best job in the debates", then tries to undermine its own result by saying it "appears" Kerry "lost some ground" in "the popularity contest."
Then there's a paragraph on the methodology.
Then, before we get to hear what the results of this poll are, we're misleadingly treated to the registered voter numbers from the last poll, taken a week ago, which showed a tie.
Then we get the current registered number, which shows Bush up 49-46. Then another paragraph that says, plaintively, this is "still practially even" and points to the margin of error.
Finally, anyone who's made it downto Paragraph 6 gets the actual result of the poll, which, interestingly enough, shows Bush ahead by 8 percent, 52-44, among people who are actually likely to vote.

I tend to agree with Powerline that these numbers are not very reliable. But it's still good, clean fun to watch CNN try to spin their own stuff.