Friday, October 15, 2004

People are smarter - and better - than John Kerry thinks

I think people are missing one major aspect of why people are offended by John Kerry's gratuitous invocation of Mary Cheney's sex life. Everyone, even those who, like Andrew Sullivan, don't think there's anything wrong with what Kerry said, realize it was done in order to make Bush's homophobic supporters uncomfortable.
I think the CW on why it's backfired -- because people object to a politician dragging a candidate's family's private life into the debate (summarized and expressed well by Hugh Hewitt here) -- is partly true. But I think this overlooks the fact that a lot of people are also insulted that John Kerry thinks we're a bunch of bigots. They saw through Kerry's statement and recognized that he thought they would turn away from Bush and Cheney because the Cheneys have a gay in their family. I think the marriage amendment is silly, but I know a lot of people who strongly support it. None of them would turn away from a friend because the friend had a gay daughter. They're insulted that John Kerry thinks they would.