Friday, October 08, 2004

More debate

Managed to avoid most of the debate, but did see the last question which was, please tell us all the mistakes you've made, Mr. President. (Follow-up: Sen. Kerry, please tell us about all the mistakes Mr. Bush has made.) A fair question, but horrible moderating to use it last. (Charlie must have got the memo)

What's interesting is that Bush really can't come up with a good answer to it. They've been hammering him on this for months, so it's not like it's a surprise. What Bush did was go straight to saying he's gotten the big things (I heard taxes, Afghanistan and Iraq) right. That should be the bulk of the answer, but should come after two or three things like, "Well, looking back, I wish we'd changed course from the mindset of treating terrorism as a criminal matter to be dealt with by lawyers and police and realized that war had been declared on us. I wish we'd done that before September 11, not after. Of course, my opponent proposes going back to that mindset, which would be an even graver mistake ... " Or, "I really regret not pushing harder to get the Y Amendment to the Make America Happier Act, but plan to rectify that in the proposal I put forth . . ."

Here's my theory of why Bush can't even come up with some little mistakes: He doesn't make any little decisions. He's basically delegated everything but the war, and has made only three decisions he thinks are important, and he doesn't think any of them are mistakes.