Friday, October 15, 2004

Double Agents

If any swing voters are inclined to factor into their decision the type of people supporting the various candidates, these amusing endorsements from novelists will surely not help John Kerry, as his supporters come across as a group of buffoons, paranoids, and pedantic ex-patriots. The handful of Bush supporters, like Orson Scott Card, Roger L. Simon, Robert Ferrigno, and Thomas Mallon (okay, that's the entire list of Bush supporters) are thoughtful, reasonable, decent, and, especially in the case of Ferrigno, amusing:

Mark me on the Bush side of the ledger, a lonely side for this survey, I'm certain. Most novelists live in their imagination, which is a fine place to be until the bad guys come knock knock knocking. I don't agree with Bush on shoveling free meds to granny and grandpa, or his antipathy to fuel conservation along with opening up the arctic reserve, but this is small stuff. I'll be voting for Bush because his approach to stopping the people who want to kill my children is the right one, i.e., kill them first. Kerry will dance the Albright two-step with Kim Jong-il, consult with Sandy Berger's socks, and kowtow to the U.N. apparatchiks who have done such a fine job of protecting the Cambodians, Rwandans, and the Sudanese. No thanks. No contest.