Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A Decisive Blow!

I again only watched parts of the debate, finding the Yankees-Twins game more interesting and edifying. It also was just as likely to affect the outcome of the election as the debate. What I did see of the debate was fairly interesting - at least Kerry's three decades in office were discussed.

UPDATE: For the perfect example of the way political junkies overvalue debates, especially VP debates, see this post at The Corner. Don't we all remember how Lloyd Bentsen's dismembering of Dan Quayle effectively ended the '88 race and ushered in the Dukakis Administration? Just think, if Bentsen hadn't won that debate so decisively, he may never have become vice president, never would have resigned after three years in office for health reasons, and never would have been replaced by then-Rep. Gephardt. And who knows, maybe the Dukakis-Gephardt ticket would not have lost in 1992, leading to the eight halcyon years of the Kemp-Dole Administration and the contested 2000 election where the Bush-Bush team narrowly defeated the Clinton and Gore.