Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Daschle out?

I'm not admitted in either DC or South Dakota, but this seems like pretty persuasive evidence that Tom Daschle has a serious legal problem on his hands.

Top line:
On April 28, 2003, Thomas A. Daschle signed a legal document with the government of Washington, D.C. in which he asserted that he was entitled to a "Homestead Exemption" for his home there.

Middle line:
Thus, in order to claim a Homestead Exemption, Thomas A. Daschle legally declared that he had "no fixed and definite intent to return to South Dakota"

Bottom line: If that statement is false, Daschle committed perjury by declaring he was eligible for the exemption. If it is true, he is not a legal resident of South Dakota.

Not good.