Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Aside from my belief in individual liberty and responsibility and daily bathing, I would fit right in in Europe. I like wine, fancy suits (although European casual fashion is amazingly ugly), and working as few hours per week as possible. And I love Euro sports. I am a huge fan of bike racing, and went to France this summer to watch the Tour. (Most amusing, and cringe-inducing, t-shirt: "Texas: 6, France: 0").
I even like soccer. Thus I came across this sad story. It took me a while to realize the strangest part which is that these two sentences were found unremarkable.

Renato's girlfriend also was shot, but the wound was superficial, according to a police report.
Renato, who joined the nine-time Swiss league champions after playing for Botafogo, is survived by his wife, Selmara, and son Pedro.